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The membership of the society shall be of five classes (a)Life members (b)Associate members (C)students (d)Technicians (e) Transplant coordinators

Life Membership for Telangana State (LMTS) - Nephrologists with DM/DMB or equivalent Qualification from abroad practicing in the state of Telangana

Life Membership for Non Telangana state (LMNTS)- Nephrologists with DM/DMB or equivalent Qualification practicing in India other than Telangana state

Associate Membership (ASM)- Doctors from Broadspecialities and Superspecialities like Radiology, Pathology, Urology, Gen Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Rheumatology, Pulmonary. Surg/ Med Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Gyn & Obs etc

Allied Membership.(ALM)- Includes Nutritionist, paramedical staff involved in management of Kidney patients (dialysis technicians, dialysis nursing staff, transplant coordinators)

Overseas members (OSM)- Doctor/ Paramedics practising in countries other than India.

Corporate Members (CM)- Pharmaceutical companies or NGO who would like to be a part of the Forum and support the cause. Corporate membership is only through payment of registration fees

Student temporary Members (STM)- Students pursuing DM/DNB coursing in Telangana will be given temporary membership for 3 years, after the completion of their course, they would be given option to upgrade to LMTS or LMNTS depending on their place of practice.